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Adding to wordlists - instructions

We suggest you download and keep a copy of this readme file on your computer as a reference guide or print this page.

Before downloading additional word lists create a folder or directory on your computer to save the additional word list files to.

Search the Word Lists web page to find the word lists you wish to download. Click on the "Download List" link on the right hand side of the appropriate list in the search return at the bottom of the web page. Download and save this file to the folder or directory you wish to save the word lists to.


Using the Additional Word Lists in the Phonics Alive!3 The Speller program

To create a custom word list using the addition word lists:

1. Run The Speller program
2. Open the Administration screen (see operating manual or inside CD cover)
3. Select "Custom Word Lists"
4.The first time you run the program you will be asked where you wish to save your custom word lists. You may create a new folder here ( or select your chosen folder) and click on it.
5. Click the "new lists" button
6. Enter a name for the new list and click "OK".
7. Enter a module number (from 1 to 15) to assign the list to . Click on "OK".
8. To select words from the additional custom word list files you have downloaded click "change source dir" and select the folder or directory in which the downloaded word lists have been saved.
NOTE: to select words from the original word lists which are on The Speller CD click on "change source dir" , select your computer's CD drive and select the folder or directory labelled "content".
9. Select a category from the first column.
10. Select a word from the second column.
11. Click "add word" to add the word to your list.
12. Repeat steps 8 to 10 as required. There is a maximum of 8 words and/or approx 75 characters.
13. Words can be removed from the new list at any time by selecting the word and clicking the "remove word" button.